Dod pieci! 2022 finale


The Cause of This Year’s Donations

Your EUR 5 will help children from Ukraine spend another day in Latvia without sirens and explosions. The funds donated during the marathon will go to the Emergency Relief Fund through Ziedot.lv to provide direct assistance to fulfil the children’s basic needs – the purchase of school supplies and computers, health improvement and psychological support, winter shoes, clothing and other acute items.

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Why exactly this topic?

For many Ukrainians, they have to start building life in Latvia from the ground – they must find temporary housing, temporary work, temporary school and friends. Added to this is the uncertainty of when they will be able to return to Ukraine and whether they will have a home to return to. “Dod pieci!” calls on the Latvian public to realise that, despite our many problems, we are currently privileged to live in peace, and by helping Ukrainians, we are actually helping ourselves.

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